Beauty and the Home

November 04, 2016

After writing about media and children I was raring to expound on the idea of children and beauty, but as I started on the post I realized I really needed to write about beauty in the home more generally first. Afterall, why should you care about your children’s experience of beauty or how you are shaping their palate if you don’t first have an idea of why it matters in general?

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Leaning into the Fear of Miscarriage: A Life is Never a Waste of Time

October 17, 2016

Alan and I were married in October seven years ago, and three months later we found out we were pregnant for the first time. We told our family and a handful of friends and marched on through the morning sickness. That baby was due in September. I’m not sure I remember the due date. It might have been the 28th. I was 12 weeks along and we were trying to decide if we should go ahead and make an announcement, when I began to bleed.

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Media Part Three: Our Children

September 15, 2016

When we approach the issue of media and how our children relate to it, we need to look at it as the opportunity to give them a great gift; when we put media in its proper place in our family, we give our children the gift of imagination and time, and a healthy relationship with technology.

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